Gauteng Traffic Police arrest a 36-year-old female driver for clocking 220 km/h on the N4 East freeway

The Gauteng Traffic Police, High Speed Unit arrested a 36-year-old female driver on Friday night after found excessively speeding a red VW Golf 7 at 220 km per hour on a prescribed maximum limit of 120 km per hour zone along the N4 East freeway. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police’s High-Speed Unit continuously conduct operations on Gauteng major routes and freeways. 

The driver was detained at Bronkhorspruit police station facing charges relating to reckless and negligent driving with an alternative charge of driving in excess of the prescribed speed limit of 120 km per hour. 

The speedster is expected to appear in Bronkhorspruit Magistrate court shortly.

The Gauteng Traffic Police High Speed Unit has been successful in clamping down on speedsters due to the use of the latest technological devices during their operations such as the Moving Violation Recorders (MVR).

The MVR records the average speed measured over a minimum of 500 meters. The event is recorded and downloaded for investigation and prosecution purposes. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police has called on road users to adhere to the prescribed speed limits on Gauteng major routes. “As we are still in the festive season period, it is important that drivers continue to comply with the prescribed maximum speed limit, thus making road safety a priority. 

The Gauteng Traffic Police will intensify high speed operations and clampdown on speedsters on Gauteng major routes and freeways,” said Sello Maremane, Gauteng Traffic Police Spokesperson. 

“The Gauteng Traffic Police will also enforce compliance with the rules and regulations of the road without fear or favour. The safety of road users has reached critical point,” added Sello Maremane.  

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