Fuel Tanker overturns in Wadeville, Ekurhuleni and people rush to siphon fuel without fear

A diesel tanker overturned in Wadeville, Ekurhuleni, on Friday morning and emergency services officials had a hard time preventing people from getting closer to the scene to siphon off fuel.

This incident comes nearly two weeks after another tanker carrying liquid gas in Plantation, 11km away, on Christmas Eve, exploded.

The explosion on Christmas Eve claimed the lives of 37 people, and authorities say this number could still rise.

Authorities on the scene in Wadeville said they had to remove onlookers who were trying to siphon the diesel.

Ekurhuleni EMS spokesperson William Ntladi said the tanker's trailer had come unhooked, spilling "copious amounts of diesel".

"Fire and Hasmat and other authorities are on the scene and have managed to contain the material," he said.

"The driver was alone, and there are no casualties on the scene. We had to step in and prevent people from getting the liquid, but the scene is still volatile as it sits on the busy intersection of Dekema and Osborn roads.

"The truck has a 30kl capacity and a 40kl capacity trailer which has spilt over the entire intersection."

Authorities are pleading with motorists to use an alternative route.

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