Four ATM card scammers who robbed, stabbed and dragged an old man with a vehicle have been arrested by Thatha Zonke members

Card scammers also known as bo card-card came to a wrong territory yesterday. Four card scammers were trying their luck at Engen garage in ext 1 Thokoza yesterday afternoon. 

They scammed an old man and took his card, when the old man saw them getting into a car which is used as an Uber/Bolt and realized that his card was gone he ran after the vehicle and grabbed hold on the door. 

The scammers continued driving, dragging this old man on the road and stabbing him in the process. Thatha Zonke two undercover members saw this vehicle dragging this old man and they chased the vehicle thinking that it was been hijacked. 

After about 500 meters of being dragged and stabbed the old man let go because of pain and fell on the road. As you can see injuries sustained by this old man on the pictures below. 

These scammers continued driving along Khumalo street and Thatha Zonke members were on their tail. They drove into the smaller streets being chased until they lost control of their vehicle and crashed. 

Two of them quickly got out of the vehicle and made a run, two were arrested. Of the two one of them is the Uber/Bolt driver. These suspects are from Kwathema and Daveyton.

Both of them were handed over by TTZ members to Thokoza Police station. A case of attempted murder and robbery was opened and we can guarantee our community members that they are behind bars.

To all people who own vehicles and have hired Uber/Bolt drivers please monitor your vehicles and check if your vehicles are not being used to commit crimes, because we have come across too many of these vehicles involved in criminal activities. 

Thatha-Zonke is here and it does not play with crime and criminals. 

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