Armed thugs hijacked, kidnapped and murdered Midrand man, Kevin Soal (68)

A Midrand man, Kevin Soal (68) who was kidnapped earlier, was found murdered. According to reports, the armed thugs shot Kevin, execution style & his body was found later abandoned near Olifantsfontein, Tembisa. His car, a White Merc was found near a tavern in Tembisa. A large amount of cash, around R350K was reportedly withdrawn from his bank account. 


• Mr Soal was last seen at his private residence close to Grand Central Airport in Midrand at around noon.
• His white Mercedes Benz was found in Tembisa, at a tavern called Mike’s Place at approximately 16:00.
• His cell phone was found in the industrial area of Clayville after an hour, at approximately 17:00.
• Later that evening young soccer players heard gunshots and contacted the SAPS.
• At around 18:15, a body was found near Olifantsfontein and identified only later as that of Mr Soal.
• A substantial amount of money was withdrawn from the victim’s account.
• The soccer players identified a white Quantum bus with a sticker of the word “STAFF” on it, at the scene.
• Within an hour, the SAPS was called again to the same area when more shots were heard.
• Another body was found, presumably also of a Caucasian male person.
• The personal information and the circumstances regarding this second body are unknown at this time.
• When Mr Bolhuis was contacted by the frantic family, they were unaware of the violent and tragic demise of Mr Soal.
• The concerned family contacted Mr Bolhuis at 20:38.


• Mr Soal was kidnapped and held against his will while the perpetrators tried to extort money from him.
• While being held captive, the perpetrators transferred R250,000.00 plus another R100,000.00 from his account.
• The tragic details of the incident are that Mr Soal was taken to a secluded area, where he was forced to stand on his knees facing forward, kicked to fall face down, and shot 2 (two) times in his head – execution style.


• SAPS Olifantsfontein CAS number: 97/12/2022
• SAPS contact person: Detective Sergeant Manzini
• Contact number: +27 68 152 918


1. The escalation in kidnappings that turn into murders in a very short space of time.

2. The trend of more kidnappings in which the victim is extorted for the maximum amount of money - 
the victim is then ruthlessly discarded or murdered.

• All this happens very quickly and perpetrators settle for smaller quantities of cash - so that they can move on to the next kidnapping.
• In the past kidnap victims had a greater chance of survival while the family was being extorted NOW instead of taking the risk of keeping the victim safe over an extended period of time smaller amounts are settled for and the victim is often murdered. (As received)    - Laudium Sun FB Page.

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