Allegations abounding around the attachment of assets of eThekwini Electricity Department by the Sheriff in Durban.

EThekwini Metro had a surprise visit from the Sheriff’s after the municipality failed to honour a R30-million payment to a service provider as per a high court order.

On Thursday the Sheriff descended on one of the municipal buildings in Jeff Taylor Crescent, Stamfordhill, Durban and attached desktop computers, telephone lines and printers.

The Witness understands that vehicles were being attached in another municipal department, but it was not immediately clear which department it was.

At the time of publication, it was not clear which other buildings were targeted or how many municipal items were taken and still to be taken by the Sheriff.

Sources in the municipality said service delivery would be affected but the severity of that would depend on the types of vehicles that would be taken.

“Already there will be chaos now that there are no computers and telephone lines in the affected department. Things could be worse if the targeted vehicles are used to service the public. The impact won’t be that huge if they take the private ones used by officials,” said the source on Thursday afternoon.

According to the notice of attachment in execution in the matter between Daily Double Trading 479cc and eThekwini Municipality, the Sheriff was to attach property valued at R30 million and costs incurred in the action.

In the KwaZulu-Natal High Court Judgement of April 28, 2022, eThekwini was ordered to pay R30 million to Double Trading, an electricity contractor the municipality blacklisted in 2017.
Daily Double Trading CC (trading as Pholobas Projects) was awarded the amount with interest at the rate of 10,5% from February 2, 2018 to the date of final payment.

The city blacklisted the company from any tenders and cancelled its two contracts to cut off illegal electricity connections which were awarded in 2011. Judge A.J. Pitman further ruled that Daily Double should apply for tenders without fear of exclusion.
This is a developing story.

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