Road user vehicle tyres spiked last night on the N4 between Witbank and Bronkhorspruit.

Itumeleng who is @Mama_Amoo on twitter just wanted to share what she experienced last night on the N4 between Witbank and Bronkhorspruit when her vehicle tyres were spiked:

"I was driving on the N4 towards Bronkhorstspruit, a few minutes away from the Kusile offramp. I was on the fast lane and suddenly I hit something. I slowed down and switched on my hazards and stopped. 

Then I immediately noticed a car also slowing down and it also had its hazards on. It parked a distance away from me then eventually stopped behind me. I wanted to get out and check the car but I remembered that chances are those people are not there to help me. 

It’s either they hit the same thing as me or they are hijackers. I immediately started the car and moved. I used the offramp to Kusile and went to some lodge nearby and knocked on people’s doors to ask for assistance. 

I got help with Changing my tyre and headed home afterwards. Im still shaken by this but I thought i should share to raise awareness. They are back with their spikes again. Please warn others. I will share the video of my tyre shortly."

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