Parents in shock as their cars get trashed with dog faeces for parking on the grass outside someone's yard

When parents attend the sporting games of their children, the last thing they expect to find is their cars decorated with dog poop. This was the reality for a group of parents, who, on Saturday, 14 May, attended a sporting event at Drakensburg Primary School only to be left in shock and disgust when returning to their vehicles. 

One of the victims of this disgusting crime, who declined to be named, said that she was in utter shock and disbelief. “My son was taking part for a sporting event at the school and there were parents and learners from different schools, all descending upon Drakensburg Primary School. As we left the school to return home, we noticed that a good few cars had been smeared with dog poop and mud,” she said. 

It is alleged that a lady living around the corner from the school had warned some of the parents not to park their vehicles on the grass outside her yard. According to eye witnesses, it is municipal land. The elderly lady then proceeded to mix dog faeces with mud and flung it onto the many cars that were parked there.

“The lady also threatened to slash our tyres. My car was so full of dog poo, that we could not even get into our vehicles and the smell was nothing short of putrid. Passers-by and other parents were in shock that another human being could be capable of something so disgusting,” said another victim. Parents then tried to communicate with the lady but she did not afford them an opportunity. The police were then called and a case was opened. Attempts to contact the alleged suspect proved fruitless.

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