Three Stolen Vehicles Recovered by Marshall Private Security Following Crucial Arrest In Phoenix

The arrest of two suspects wanted for being involved in numerous armed robberies and hijackings in the greater Durban area over recent weeks led to the recovery of three stolen vehicles earlier this week.

At approximately 19h30 on Tuesday evening, 5 April 2022, members of Marshall Private Security Special Operations Team received information about a white Hyundai i20 traveling in the Phoenix area. The Hyundai, a rented vehicle, is known to have been used in multiple house robberies and hijackings across the greater Durban area.

Marshall Private Security members together with the Phoenix Trio Crimes Unit immediately went in search of the vehicle and after it was spotted a short chase ensued. The suspects’ vehicle was quickly brought to a stop and both occupants were immediately arrested.

Upon questioning the suspects they revealed information that led to a further search for and recovery of three additional vehicles – a silver Porsche, white VW Jetta and grey VW Polo.

The Porsche had been taken in a house robbery in Reservoir Hills earlier in April. The suspects had used the Hyundai to conduct this crime.

The VW Jetta had been taken in a hijacking in Newlands in February this year. The same suspects that were arrested had used this vehicle to conduct numerous house robberies and hijackings in the Effingham, Avoca, Phoenix, Verulam and Reservoir Hills areas.

The VW Polo had been taken in a house robbery in Phoenix, by the suspects using the VW Jetta to carry out their crime.

Both suspects were detained and all four vehicles transported to the Phoenix police station for further processing and investigation.

Well done to all members involved.

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