Cambridge shop by Warwick Avenue nearby Chesterville Taxi Rank in Durban was burning and people looted

Durban’s public order police were deployed to Market Road, in Warwick, KZN, to contain a fire that engulfed the English Market, on Sunday.

What caused the English Market fire?

Video footage of the inferno was caught on camera by eyewitnesses. At this time, not much information is available on the extent of the damage, or if there were any casualties reported.

At this time, much of the focus has been on rescue efforts and containing the blaze before it spreads to other parts of the busy business district.

“I was in my room when I saw a lot of thick black smoke coming from the building, and so my friends and I came down here,” said Mpahlana.

She described the scene as being chaotic.

“People were running up and down like crazy, with the staff from the supermarket running outside for safety, and the street vendors that sell next to the store running to save their stock. It was a mess,” she added.

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