Stolen BMW Recovered in Northdale

Yesterday afternoon, an Mi7 dome surveillance camera equipped with NAVIC Automatic Number Plate Recognition software flagged a BMW suspected to be stolen. 

The vehicle was flagged entering the Northern Suburbs by the Mi7 camera located near Northway Mall. Various Mi7 Armed Response units were immediately dispatched and sent to patrol strategic areas where the driver of the BMW 5-Series GT could have headed.

After a while, Mi7 Reaction Officers spotted the vehicle parked outside a property on Sarojini Road, Northdale. There were no occupants in the vehicle. Mountain Rise police were informed and officers sent out - all teams present then waited for the suspects to return to the vehicle before pouncing. 

As soon as the suspects entered the vehicle, all units filed in, cornering off the vehicle, and preventing the occupants from making an escape. 

Two suspects were arrested and the vehicle impounded. 

The vehicle was reported stolen as per a case opened with the police in Vereeniging, Gauteng, in March last year. 

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