Tracker officials recovered the Toyota Hilux while being stripped after they were hijacked on the N3 near Qalabotjha by fake police.

What was meant to be a spontaneous road trip with Melisa Jayram, Vasie Jayram, and Tasheal Inderjit ended up being the worst 5 hours of our lives. At 8.20 pm, just an hour away from our  destination, just past Villers toll, we get pulled over by flashing blue lights and loud sirens approached by 2 men dressed as POLICE OFFICERS! They even scanned our license disc. Minutes later we were cable tied, gaged and shoved into the back seat of the vehicle. With 2 guys sitting on the top of us and 2 driving.Robbed of everything we had even clothes that was packed. 

As we laid there pleading for our lives and safety, these guys had no remorse. Driving for hours eventually dumped in a field on a sandbank in Vosloorus Heidelberg listening to them strip the vehicle and how they going to kill us.

Unfortunately, we were not the only vehicle hijacked that night. A group of men who had also been hijacked were dumped in the same field. Sad to say if they did not get hijacked we would not be here today.

After the few hours of being tortured, hit and questioned, finally, their last words were orders to feed us our last meal and then kill us. We were preparing ourselves for the worst and sleeping as close as possible next to each other. 

Our savouir Jaco Grobbelaar from Tracker Connect  comes racing to the scene, from the other victims tracking company who found us at 1 am the next day. It's because of him today we live to tell this tale.

It's absolutely sad that in this country we cannot even trust a blue light. And not forgetting the only way to get help is to have at least 2 or 3 tracking devices in your vehicle.

A short story of the longest 5 hours of our lives, but we are grateful to see another day. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support.

Please be safe guys especially when traveling. Make everyone aware!!


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