Premises in Long acres were quickly & quitely cordoned OFF & raided where multiple Vehicles were confirmed stolen.

We have been keeping an eye on this place for almost a year now ,with help of Et Rapid SAPS & Tracker .On thursday it was decided to get the wheels MOVING. The premises in Long acres was quickly & quitely cordoned OFF & raided . Multiple Vehicles were confirmed stolen.

A firearm and ammunition was found in the garage,along with 2 police radios,at least 10 differant registration plates ,at least 20 brand new uncoded golf car keys,a number of differant ignition switches ,various registration certificates,(log books ) a few computer boxes and various other items used to steal cars.

Half stripped engines and tyres were found behind the house  .Info was then obtained and we mobilized to a complex in Middleton rd Winklespruit ,where a new golf was parked undercover.The vehicle had no registration plates or disc ,and the vin number was covered up.

After a bit of investigation, it was determined that the vehicle belonged to Wesbank who were looking for this vehicle ,as a very large sum of money was owed on it .Inside the vehicle, various other registration forms were found ,some belonging to the stolen vehicles in Long acres .A few other registration plates were also in the car ,that were not for this vehicle .Another police radio was also found in this flat .A toyota Fortuner was also parked there ,also had no plates or disc fitted.We found out the vehicle belonged to Avis veh rental ,and they were looking for the vehicle ,as this person owed Avis a large sum of money .He  had furnished them with a false address hence they couldnt find him or the car.

Avis and Wesbank happily came and collected the wanted vehicles ,and the 3 stolen ones were taken to the pound .One suspect was arrested at the Long acres house .

Good teamwork by various groups ,resulted in very good result  here .Lots goes on behind the scenes with regard to the ccpo ,so if you live in our ccpo area ,and you dont contribute to the ccpo crime fighting initiative ,you really need to start assisting us .We have made some really significant arrests over the years ,and we continue to be a very large helping hand to the SAPS.


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