Police launch manhunt after four school children were kidnapped and taken at gunpoint in Polokwane

Police in Westenburg outside Polokwane  Limpopo have launched a massive manhunt for a group of suspects involved in the forceful removal and abduction of four school children from a vehicle that was transporting them to school this morning at about 07:00.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the children aged 6, 11, 13 and 15 years, who are all learners from a primary school in Dalmada, on the outskirts of Polokwane, were forcefully kidnapped from their scholar transport by a group of about 7 suspects armed with rifles. The 64-year-old driver allegedly fetched the children from Nirvana and was driving along then R37 road near the N1 bypass when he was suddenly blocked by two vehicles, a white Kia Sorento and black Mercedes Benz. A total of seven occupants from the two vehicles, dressed in white overalls alighted and started firing shots randomly.

The suspects then forced the four children out of the vehicle into their Mercedes Benz and then drove off towards the direction of the R81 road, leaving the distraught driver on the scene together with his vehicle. 

Police were notified and immediately started with investigations and manhunt for the suspects and the children. The victims' cellphones were later recovered after they were found dumped at Flora Park.

The motive for the incident is unknown at this stage but police investigations are underway.

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